Global Freight Forwarding

Global Freight Forwarding

Global Freight Forwarding


General Freight Forwarding (GFF) – is tailored towards FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods); Pharmaceuticals; telecommunication; Constructions; Food & Beverages; Agro-Industries.


In line with our major objective of providing seamless logistics services at the most effective cost, our track record includes Customs clearance & delivery of over 1500 tons shipments for both Air Freight and Sea Freights operations; Freight co-ordination from point of origin to delivering of 100 TEUs per week for our local clients; Trucking (Local and International) within Nigeria and across West African regions; Export clearance, container stuffing, scheduling freight and destination coordination.

  • Repair and Return Services

    Fortune Global operational system is experienced in handling temporary export for process or repair (repair and return) of Oil and Gas equipments.
    Our clients take advantage of our IT driven advanced document archiving system to guarantee expedited processing of cargoes on repair and returns several years after they are first custom cleared and delivered by us.


    Fortune Global overseas partners also ensures that destination country’s regulations are strictly complied with when sending cargoes for repairs and when returning them. Since this differs from country to country checking with customs authorities as to what information, documents etc.. they need from our clients in advance, makes service delivery seamless.

  • Temporary Importation

    Fortune Global prides itself as one of the Temporary Importation specialists in Nigeria. Our valued clients use this convenient method of importation for all high value equipment brought to Nigeria for  specific construction projects. Goods temporarily imported into Nigeria do not require a Form M and can easily be re-exported at the end of such contract.

    Fortune Global Temporary Importation Services includes: Temporary Importation (Supply / Utility Vessels/Boats; Barges; Pontoons; Tugs; Drilling Rigs & Accessories; Heavy Duty Cranes/Equipments for Oil & Gas Projects, Dredger for Hire on Erosion/Spill Control and Air Crafts); Inward Clearance and Registration / Processing of Bond with Customs; Extension of Temporary Importation (If necessary); Cancellation of Temporary Importation (On Contract Expiration); Outward Clearance and Cancellation of Bond with Customs; and Processing of Conversion to Home Use and Customs Duty Payment (if valued client decide to relocate equipment permanently).

  • Air Freight

    Fortune Global uses major international air liners to deliver cargoes to all cities, countries and continents. Our mutual partnerships with major air carriers give our customer cargoes priority space allocation at very competitive rates.


    We combine cost-effectiveness with global tracking system, thus monitoring cargoes from collection at origin, customs clearance and delivery to consignees  is guaranteed throughout the lifespan of every transaction.

  • Sea Freight

    Fortune Global offers its Sea Freight Services at competitive rates, benchmarking on her international partners contract with many of the world’s leading ocean carriers.


    We handle freight of all kinds to / from USA, West and Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

    We handle all sea freight businesses in compliance with ISPS Code and all other international security standards and environmental standards. Our LCL Sea Freight consolidation centres take exceptional care of our evolving nation’s peculiar needs as well.

  • LCL Consolidation

    Fortune Global as an NVOCC has shown expertise in the movement of shipments from any part of the globe to Nigerian. Partnering with consolidators in strategic hubs including Dubai, Germany, USA, South Africa, China; we move shipments in Cargo-load, FCL (Full Container Loads), LCL (Low Container Load), Consol-handling of shipment and documentation.

  • Customs Clearance

    Fortune Global has been able to localize its global thinking strategy, rendering above the industry service standards in its local customs clearance activities. Benchmarking on its operational teams, technical know-how and rudiments of the nation’s ASYCUDA Platform.

    Our in-house Customs Data Trading Interface (DTI) is a major resources in providing expedited customs clearance and delivery services for shipments to Nigeria and other international destinations worldwide, our efficiency in final delivery to destinations has been a strategic advantage to our valued clients